What would it mean if it was capitalized?

That there are some really deep feelings involved :P

3d Type by Ben Johnston.

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Yes, love ☺️

Well it’s lowercase so I won’t question it :P


me: what’s for dinner?

her: *spreads her legs*



so, did you not cook or ….. cause popeyes closes at 10 and i need to leave now if i’m gon make it. 

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A person’s tumblr tells a lot about them. It shows what kind of images they see in their head, who they love, who they hate, even what they think about other people.

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so how are you? have things been going ok? have you kept in touch with anyone?? miss ya!

Not really, nobody replied to me haha I am good

Are you happy?

Yes, everyday I am reminding myself that I am completely better than I was a year ago :)

Do you love yourself? Do you like who you are? Do you wish any things could be different?

I like who I am, ofcourse I can always improve!

How was your day love?

Love? Haha my day has been pretty good!

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